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Thread: the Official CHR joke page duel

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    GROAN.... that was bad!!..

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    Johnny is playing at the curb with turpentine, lighting it and watching it burn. Along comes Pastor Fuzz, he asks, what are you playing with Johnny? Turpentine answers Johnny. Oh, says the good Pastor you shouldn't be playing with that stuff. Why not says Johnny? You could get burned pretty bad with that stuff. Well, what should I play with? Holy water says the good Pastor. What'll that do asks Johnny? If you rub it on a woman's tummy she'll pass a baby. Heck, that ain't nuttin says Johnny you rub this on a cats behind and it'll pass a motorcycle.
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    Nine year old Johnny (there's that Johnny kid again) is struggling with his math; the teacher is at her wits end, mom and dad aren't happy, he is getting failing grades in it. As a last resort, they enroll him at a Catholic school because they have a reputation for educational excellence. The first day of school, Johnny comes home from school and goes straight to his room, quietly closes the door and sets to work on his math; his mom checked up on him, and he is deep into his books. He only came out for his supper, and then went back to his math until bed time. This became his daily routine, and at the end of the first semester, he brings his report card home in a sealed envelope, unopened, and gives it to his mom, then heads to his room. Mom opens the report card and sees an A in the math line. At supper, his folks are so pleased, and ask him: what made the difference? was it the Nuns? No he said. Was it the strict discipline? No, he replied. Well, his dad asked, what made this amazing difference in your math grades? Johnny answered: well, when I walked in the front door the first day of school, I saw that guy nailed up on that plus sign, and I knew they were really serious about math.

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