Firstly, Iím very sure that this topic has probably come up at some point in the past. Iíve spent the last couple months researching with no luck. Thatís why Iím just going to flat out ask for help, and opinions.
Let it be known that I am not looking for criticism about why Iím doing this to a classic, that I should keep it stock or not at all, or that Iím ruining the vehicle.
The point of this is to turn this vehicle into an everyday car, that I can use in all weather situations. I regularly have to deal with snow and rain. So the option for AWD is a must.

I recently acquired a 4-door 1971 Ford Torino. 351C 2V and C4 Automatic Transmission RWD. Love it, like the way it sounds, love the way it looks. That being said, I want to use this vehicle all year round. Seeing that it has a V8 in it, I assumed that this would be an easy swap, or frankenstein project. I also have a 502 big block/550hp sitting in my garage that I thought I could play around with and swap. However, both of these engines are giving me issues because I cannot find compatibility with an AWD transmission.

Iíve looked at several vehicles that have AWD, such as Subaru, etc, to potentially solve the frame issue. I just have to measure out my frame, find an AWD frame that is roughly or exactly the same size, and make it happen. Modification is still required just to make this work, but I can get the frame issue done with time.

My problem is that I cannot find a automatic AWD transmission compatible the 351c, or the 502. Iíve seen that Audi has their new V8 AWD s6-7ís, so I know it can be done. My goal is just to use the engines that I have now.

Second problem is making a custom build that can give me acceptable mpg. The 15city/17hwy I have now isnít bad, but I know that the AWD configuration will probably decrease this quite a bit.(maybe). Thatís not my first concern though. Just putting this beast together is step one.

I'll try and answer as many questions as I am able. Any suggestions, technical expertise, list of parts, or if anyone has successfully completed such a project would be helpful! Thanks!