I'm moving soon and could use the cash for my project. Trades considered....especially for a set of 64cc SBC heads for 1.6 and 2.02 valves. Anything not sold by the end of the weekend goes to ebay or the swap meet.

1932 Ford steel grill shell. new, never mounted, stock height $230
Chevy 305 motor w/ 60cc heads. Not running, not seized, complete assembled $150
Chevy 2 speed powerglide tranny, aluminum case, torque converter $250
Model A upper dash rail w/ holes $30
Model A upper dash rail w/out holes $35
1970 Chevy Camaro rearend, no posi, complete, recently rebuilt, not sure of ratio (54" backing plate to backing plate) $125
Chevy 350 engine block ready for hone and rebuild $75
Chevy 350 Crankshaft standard $75
Chevy 350 76cc heads 462624 (1.6, 2.02 valves) $75
Chevy 350 pistons and rods (standard set of 8) $35
chevy 350 rods (8) $25
Mickey Thompson finned aluminum Valve covers $65
Oldsmobile 455 Valley Pan Gasket $20
Late 1950's GM repop vent window handles (new) $35

Hydrualic ATV/motorcycle lift (needs hydraulic ram fixed) $35