Trying to sell a 1996 Formula Firebird loved by a gentleman who passed away. Car is located in Virginia and price is negotiable. I don't know anything about these cars; I am trying to help a friend.

Please let me know if anyone needs further information or has any interest.a.pngc.pngb.png

Hereís what I know:

There is a little pocket note book with all the specs on the engine, things valve tolerances and all sorts of other measurements. Whoever buys this car can have the book too.

1970 ? ish corvette block bored 60 over, all engine work done by Boyd in culpeper

Aluminum heads

Roller rockers, and roller cam

The tranny was built by summit, custom order to meet the specs of the engine and rear end

Rear end gutted and rebuilt, to meet specs of tranny and engine

Slotted and drilled rotors, race calipers and pads

There are special shocks all the way around

Special stabilizer bars front and rear


Battery was relocated to the rear of the car

Special alternator and starter, for racing

4 barrel holley carb, donít know the model

Carbon fiber hood with 3 inch cowl

Mickey Thompson tires, with no mileage on them, well maybe 500