1949 Plymouth Business Coupe. P-17.. 31, 993 miles. Bought from owner in 1985. It was a running car. The man lost the keys , and when he took the ignition switch out, he misplaced the tumbler. I have since aquired 2 complete ignition switches with which to replace the original. Over the last 30 yrs. I have purchased, at swap mets and car shows, All the necessary parts to do a restore and an upgrade to making it a Special Deluxe car. I have a full set of Full wheel covers, 2 pair of gravel shiels, (1 is NOS) 2 perfect front fenders, with chrome strips, and a perfect hood. I have an 8 tube (not 6 tube) radio. A perfect chrome radio grill. I have the window moldings with the chrome strips. The 2 arm rests, (front) Dual horns, basically all parts to upgrade with all the accessaries. The car is very straight, and complete. The one plastic tail lite is broken, there is also 2 replacements. The right window is broken , but is flat glass. One the the 2 hood hinges needs to be Re-tack welded. As it has come loose. The floor has 2 small rust spots where water got into the cowl flap. They can be patched with a 5 inch repair. That is the worse thing on the car. Really not bad at all. The trunk mat is in tact, and is not worn. If you flushed the fuel system, I'm sure she will run fine. It would be an easy car to fix up, and ALL the parts are there. It is priced way below book value. Once running it would greatly increase in value. They were built on the Deluxe chassis of 111 inches, Not the P-18 of 114.5 inches. Gets great mileage and is very nimble in city traffic. I haven taken pictures of everything. The paper glove box is intact. None of any of the pot metal pieces have any rust or pits. I'm sure I have left someting out. So just ask. That's about it.
Located in Albuquerque New Mexico
$ 3,500
Contact me at 1-505-990-1668 after 11 am my time 0r or pm