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Thread: 454 fiero

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    Mar 2005
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    great to hear this.
    just imagining how it runs.
    have fun/enjoy

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    Ahh so ive been running the car an ive been having fun an what not but i have a issue / concern. The car has been running hot around 220 ish under hard excelleration. Its running about 200 . I run regular unleaded its timmed at 7' ive runn it with 2 thermostates an they both have failed . I am not air bound i bought a funnel off a mac truck for 50 bucks that def has elliminated the air buble theroy. I am running it now with out a thermostate. Ive tried punching out thermostates an now im thingin of just trying a restrictor but i get mixed results . People say they work an people say they dont. Im thinkin that the coolant lines that i have are too large an push too much coolant threw the system too fast an its not sitting in the radiator enough to cool.i have a large 4 core out of a 3500 truck its huge two electric fans that r on all the timethe cooling tubes that run the length of the car are 2 1/2 inch galvinized fence post. There huge in compairison to the original 1 inch at best fiero tubes. Im running like a 70 % antifreez mix so it runns cooler an doesnt boil off as soon. I changed both my radiator caps to 30 psi caps for this reason. U guys are super smart an always have great ideas so ithought i would ask. So one had metioned to me at a car show that the water pump pumps water to the radiator threw the out let but also pumps hot water back in to the block as well, idk how true that statement is but . If it is is there a way to by pass somthing like that. I have a over flow tank in the front of the cari use i also had a red pressure tank that i bypassed in the back of the car that seemed like all it did was fill up with coolant an then over flow. So i pluged that line off the goose neck an instLled the bucket in the front which seems to work since the level goes up an down while the car is driving. All well im rambling right now so. Any ideas would be sweet.

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