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Thread: 3 speed auto with od from 94 chev 1500

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    3 speed auto with od from 94 chev 1500


    Hope someone here can give me a little help. I have a good 85 350 engine from a 4x4 chevy with TBI, and a good 3 speed auto with od out of a 94 V6 1500. Will I have any problems mating the two? Problems, I mean like any electrical, wiring, ect. I'm taking the TBI off the 350 and going with a carb and older HEI. I do not want any problems I can not fix on the road if something happens. The transplant is going into a 1931 AA. I'm converting the old flatbed into a pickup. I already have the 29 A front axle and 40 Ford spindles. Disc brakes going up front with an early Bronko II rear with leaf springs. I won't be lowering the truck. I'll be running a set of 10:50x31's all the way around. This will be a daily driver. I'm not looking for power, just gas millage and reliability. Yes, I'll be running it in the snow up here in upper Michigan.

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    Your tranny should be a 4L60E. E= electronically controlled shift, which means you'll need a computer to run the shift valve in the valve body, and a electronic speedometer, which also means you can't run a gear driven speedometer. Not as the 700R4 tranny, which is simple to convert, with a torque converter lock up.
    You can get a wire harness to run your tranny behind a carbed motor, but you'll still need to run a ecu for the tranny.

    I'm looking for the same tranny you have, mine is for a 1993 s-10 Blazer. I have looked and asked, but no one has a kit to make a 700R4 tranny work with my factory ecu, which I need with my factory 4.3 v-6 with MPI


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