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Thread: 1940 Ford Tudor Build Thread

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    If you're asking for opinions, what you posted won't cut it. It doesn't have the same "feeling" as what Scooting posted.

    Just my two cents..

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    Thanks Scooting. I forgot I think I have a heat exchanger saved in my ebay favs that you gave me a link to. I definitely am not opposed to piecing a kit together since I won't be able to get brackets from any of them I'm sure. And, yes, the prices are not bad at all especially for a single throttle body setup. I sold some stuff and am trying to make smart parts purchases to get the 40 closer to a complete car. Haha The first thing I thought was, it is finally time to get my 671. But then somewhere inside I heard, yeah, that'll be just as streetable as the dual quads. Right now i'm just reading and watching videos on the few who offer dual quad EFI set ups. I thought about going multi port, but if i do that this thing may go from mild to wild. I don't need all that and have to keep myself in check. Haha The worst thing I see with FItech so far is good luck getting someone to answer their phones. That doesn't thrill me too well and i haven't even purchased one yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by 34_40 View Post
    If you're asking for opinions, what you posted won't cut it. It doesn't have the same "feeling" as what Scooting posted.

    Just my two cents..
    I just picked one of those up to see if I could make them work before I saw what Scooting posted. I will be taking the tin can strainer back.
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    1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor 354 Hemi 46RH Electric Blue w/multi-color flames, Ford 9" Residing in multiple pieces
    1968 Corvette Coupe 5.9 Cummins Drag Car 11.43@130mph No stall leaving the line with 1250 rpm's and poor 2.2 60'
    1972 Chevy K30 Longhorn P-pumped 24v Compound Turbos 47RH Just another money pit
    Tire Sizes

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    ďÖÖI had thoughts of purchasing all hot heads brackets and pullies a few months ago. Then I came back down to realityÖÖĒ

    I hear you Ryan. Iím using the HH timing cover and lower double pulley and short BB water pump on the Hemi in the 57. I groused about the cost 10 years ago and they sure havenít come down in price.

    This is what Iím using for pulleys and brackets on my 37.

    Iím using the stock early HEMI timing cover and Long BB Chevy water pump.

    The upper pulley is a two groove SBC unitÖ..Iím using an original but the aftermarket chrome 2 grove units will also work and may save you some time hunting for an original. If you do eventually do go with the Hot Hemi heads stuff, this pulley will also work with their thin timing cover/lower pulley set up and is a lot cheaper than the HH aluminum one. The lower pulley Iím using is a 3 groove BB Mopar unit but the easier to find 4 groove unit will also work. Due to space limitation Iím using the 3 groove unit because Iím running a flex fan bolted directly to the WP pulley. If I use the 4 groove lower pulley it will require a 1Ē fan spacer. If you have problems finding a 4 groove let me know, I have a spare I can send you.

    For an alternator bracket Iím using a modified late 60ís early 70ís Corvette/Chevy truck bracket. Years ago I could buy these new from the dealer for $12.00, the last time I checked they were getting $60.00 for them. If you canít find one off a truck (or have one left over from your smoky old vette ) let me know I think I have a spare.

    Alt Bracket by M Patterson, on Flickr

    The mods to get it on the Hemi were pretty simple, basically trim the end, and drill a hole so it could bolt to the water crossover tube. As I recall a needed a couple of washers on the back side of one hole to get it to sit square.

    37 Dodge Hemi by M Patterson, on Flickr

    Iím using the same bracket on the 57 so I know it will also work with their timing cover/pulley set up if you go that route later. The biggest concern I had with this set up (and itís the same if you use the HH stuff) is that the belt really doesnít have much of a contact patch on the WP pulley. Itís not a problem if you are running AC as you also have a second belt that also goes around the WP pulley.

    For the PS pump and bracket Iím using a Federal pump and brackets from a late 60ís BB Mopar. This may be the hardest part to find. I think this set came off a 440 powered 69 Chrysler but Iím not real sure. If you donít have any luck at the local bone yards you might check on E BayÖ.but keep in mind most mopar guys think their stuff is gold As simple as the bracket is you might be able to fabricate the whole thing out of a couple pieces of flat stocl. If you do find one on the car you will probably want to snag the pump and at least part of the pressure hose with the metal pipe on it.

    FP 1 by M Patterson, on Flickr

    FP 2 by M Patterson, on Flickr

    I ended up narrowing the bracket so that it would fit the PS boss on the BB Chevy water pump.

    MB 1 by M Patterson, on Flickr

    I had to fabricate a bracket for the bolt that tensions the PS pump.

    T B by M Patterson, on Flickr

    That bolted between an alternator bolt and one of the timing cover bolts (the old Hemi used 5/16 timing cover bolts and I replaced the bolt with a stud and nut to hole the timing cover and then slipped the bracket over stud.

    TB 2 by M Patterson, on Flickr

    When it was all done the front belt goes around the 3rd grove of the crank pulley, the outer grove of the WP pulley and the PS pump pulley. The belt now has a pretty good amount of wrap around the WP pulley.

    The alternator is driven from the inner grove of the WP pulley and that belt does NOT go around the crank pulley.

    PS B by M Patterson, on Flickr

    Then all you need is a custom pressure hose to connect it to the rack. I had all the pulleys and brackets on hand so I have virtually no money tied up in itÖ..your results may vary

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    I've NEVER seen a car come from the factory that couldn't be improved.....

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    Oct 2008
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    Car Year, Make, Model: 1940 Ford Sedan

    Wow, lots of great information Mike P. I am impressed. I like to see workarounds especially on brackets. Good Stuff.

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    Oct 2004
    Car Year, Make, Model: 59 Corvette 283/270 69 C10 Stepside 355

    I'm really liking this build Ryan. I just read the whole thing. My first car was a low mile 1939 Deluxe 2 door with a '55 265 Chevy on an Offy adapter in 1964. My second car was a 1946 Ford Deluxe Club Coupe with a '55 hemi out of a Chrysler 300 complete with original dual fours and dual point ignition on Hurst mounts. It looks like I should have kept them both and put the hemi in the '39. I have that same alternator mount on my truck. I ground it smooth and polished it then painted it with Eastwood Titanium. Looks great.


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