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Thread: New engine tune/edelbrock/bog

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    Mar 2005
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    The 1406 has no external adjustments except the idle screws. All other tuning is accomplished using a combination of different jets and metering rods. If you do not have this manual, download and study it.

    After reading the introductory pages, go to page 22 and determine what you need to do. Tech hit some good points, re; your cam profile; however, I think you may be able to improve the performance a bit with different jet and metering rods. Unfortunately, you'll have to open the carburetor to determine if it is stock and work from there. Assuming it is stock, I'd opt for a .095 jet and 71 x 47 metering rods. All this can be done with the carb on the engine if you're very careful as one dropped small part can mean a lot of pulling apart to recover.

    The jets and metering rods are available from Summit, JEGS, and probably your local parts hose.

    Be sure to get the gasket (Edelbrock part number EDL-1499) or this really cool reusable one on ebay
    EDELBROCK 1400 1404 1405 1406 1407 1409 1411 COVER GASKET BLUE NON STICK-EDL1477 | eBay

    Have fun,
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    Sep 2017

    I didnt feel like drilling and adding weight so the secondaries would open later so instead i found a 600 vaccuum secondary holley for 50 bucks and re built it, you can adjust the secondaries and my problem is gone.
    It spins the tires too.
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    Everything I've read about the 1406 points back to first regulating the fuel pressure way down before trying to tune. Sure hope this helps my setup when we get our engine back in the truck.

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