I’m building a 468 big block with a 8-71 dyers blower on it. It has 8to1 static with BB2 extra plus Brodie heads and will be run on pump gas. I am getting all kinds of conflicting information about what cam to use. It will be street driven only, 2500 or so miles a summer. It’s in a 72 nova with a 2.98 first gear Muncie and a 3.73 rear gear. Not looking for all out power 650 h.p. but will be driving it 3/4 days a week to work (30 mile round trip).I already have a Howard’s solid roller blower cam per a conversation I had with them. .680 lift I and E with 261 I and 269 E duration at .050. With a 114 Lisa.Then I talked with dyers and they told me no way on the cam. There recommendation was no more than .550 lift and 270/280 advertised duration and he said stay with hyd flat tappet cam. Then I called Howard’s back and was then told I need a 634I / 629E lift with 251I and 259 duration @ .050 on a 114 Lsa . How about some input and what have you been running and are you happy with the cam you have.