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  • 1 Post By Dave Severson
  • 4 Post By jerry clayton

Thread: 283 rebuild

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    bowtiet is offline CHR Junior sMember Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Sep 2018
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    283 rebuild


    Hello Everyone, I'm new to this site and am an old 283 guy and I'm restoring my old '23T C/A I built back in 1965. I am looking for a destroked 283 crankshaft. It's needed to keep my engine at 283 after boring it over size. I'll get a set of longer rods made up. Can't find a decent 283 with a standard bore, and 265 blocks do not seem to exist anymore but if anyone has one I am very interested,. I can bore the 265 to 283 as I'm running a front drive 4-71 and have to keep the engine at 284 cu in. MAX. I can still get the old 'Vette domed pistons to play with getting various compression. I've had a 488 BBC in it for a while BUT want to put it back as it was originally Thanks for any and all info anyone can pass on to me.

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    Dave Severson is offline CHR Member/Contributor Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jul 2003
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    Welcome! If it's an sbc and still in existence, Jerry Clayton should be on here soon and I'd bet can fix you up with what you need, or at least point you in the right direction!
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    jerry clayton's Avatar
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    Feb 2006

    There is a way to keep the cubes down while rebuilding with a .030 overbore(standard thingie) taking the TOTAL cubes to 289--------simply sleeve ONE cylinder down to an undersize so the total cubes ain't illegal------

    A few overnight questions have come to mind?
    Why do you need to keep it at 284 max? Most race type combos are weight to cubes ratio and you might only need to add a few pounds weight?
    Don't try to bore a 265 to 283 and supercharge it---The walls won't hold the boost that thin
    If you want you could probably get your 283 crand ground .030 undersize at the desired understroke amount
    You don't need to $$$$$$$$$$ longer rods-just deck your block the necessary amount-----

    Sooooooo, my susgestion at this point is to add weight-------2nd choice, grind destroke your crank and deck block

    Please explain what the rules are for your set up

    AND IF you are planning on racing this----be prepared to spend thousands $$$$$$ for chassis and safty equipment updates-----
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