I have a Flat Plane small journal Crankshaft with small journal rods, pistons, and matching camshaft. The Crank I believe is a Scat crank, I'm unsure about the brand of the rods, pistons, and camshaft. These set ups are very rare and used mainly for racing applications. (This set up came out of a sprint car). From what I have read on them, and talking to people, these set ups have potential to make great torque numbers compared to a Cross Plane Crank. The sound is also very different from a regular v8, it sounds like a loud couple of 4 cylinders rather than the standard v8 rumble. The cost to have just the crank and cam made can range from $4,000-6,000, and I would like to get $4,000 or best offer for everything. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them to the very best of my ability.