I have numerous parts to a ford 390 engine from 1965 as well as some 1965 ford thunderbird stuff.
Ford 390 block- casting number C5AE-A, one cylinder has a small crack which potentially could be sleeved over, it is already bored 60 over, this block would be good for originality and light driving- asking $40
intake manifold- casting number C5AE94250, production code 4K19, also has crack but could be welded- asking $30
exhaust manifold- casting number C3SE9431B, production code 4k22, has surface rust otherwise in decent shape- asking $25
heads- casting numbers C4AE-0600 (both), production codes 4k23 and 4K14, decent shape, one has a broken stud- easily replaceable- asking $40 each
two sets of pistons (one set original, the other 60 over)
rocker arms- asking $15 each
valves and valve springs
water pump- very rusty
cam shaft-good shape- asking $50
2U crankshaft- good condition, quality crankshaft- $75
1970 ford carburetor- casting number D0SF-F, has a small leak would need rebuild- asking $70
390 oil pan- good condition, needs paint- asking $20
390 timing cover good shape, needs paint- asking $15
Head bolts
Oil dipstick tube

Thunderbird stuff
1965 hood, needs sanding, painting, and minor patchwork on the underside- $100
Nonworking horns- $1 each
1964. Hood letters THUNDERBIRD- still has points on the back of each letter for connecting- $25
taillight covers- good shape, no rust- $25 for both

Very willing to negotiate on most items.
email: michaelmrtz@gmail.com