I am selling two real, original Cragar S/X wheels, complete with center caps.

Unlike the similar Cragar S/S, these are fully cast in one-piece aluminum alloy, with bolt-on chromed steel center caps. I have both caps, and all six original bolts for attaching the center caps to the wheels.

The wheels are identical, and measure as follows:
Diameter- 15 inches
Width (from inboard bead seat to outboard bead seat)- 6 inches
Backspacing (from back of rim to mounting pad)- 3.5 inches
Offset (distance from centerline to mounting pad)- 0
Lug pattern (number of holes, distance from the back of one hole to the center of the second hole) - 5 on 4.5 inches
Center bore - (outboard) 2.75 inches, (inboard, at mounting pad) 3.25 inches

These wheels are unrestored and unpolished. I did not want to spend time making these things shiny when you might want them to match your other wheels in character. The center caps show a lot of pitting that will not buff out. Most of the oxidation is not deep, but they will likely need to be re-chromed. They are still completely solid, and don't look too bad. The pictures describe the oxidation accurately.

The wheels themselves are in decent condition. They recently had tires on them, and the shop had no problem getting them to balance. They are straight and have no dents or cracks, other than some cosmetic dings around the lip. They held air just fine.

There is some minor damage to the center cone of both wheels, as if some knucklehead used a big, fat tire iron to tighten the lug nuts. I remember the lugs don't have much clearance on these wheels. The damage can be seen in the pictures. Also, it appears that a few of the holes were fitted with the incorrect conical lug nuts at one time. If you know Cragar wheels, you know these require specific lugs, which are not included. This shouldn't affect the fitment of the wheels, and the flare around the holes should flatten out with correct lugs and washers.

These wheels are getting hard to find. Don't believe me? Do a Google search and try to find another one for sale.

By the way, all of these images are available with much more detail on my SkyDrive.








I'm only accepting paypal. I will pay shipping to the contiguous United States. PM me for my email address or phone number.


I'm only accepting paypal. I will pay shipping to the contiguous United States. PM me for my email address or phone number.