Have a new Hose clamp end kit made by Proform for g.m.
This kit uses worm type clamps (not included) in kit, pick up most anywhere.
Ends are nickel/ chrome plated and have G.M. on them.They are as follows
4 -11/16" id for fuel or vacuum hoses
2- 1" id for small heater hose
2- 1 1/16" id for large heater hose
2- 1 3/4 " id for upper rad hose
2 - 1 7/8" id for lower hose
8- shrinkable tubes for vacuum or wires
Kit is brand new, got a extra that not going to use Take $8.50 for kit plus shipping. Will send pics as needed and post some soon. Please email me direct at thefisherman@itlnet.net Thanks