Everyone knows that WEBER Carburetion Systems have an INSTANT THROTTLE RESPONSE as well as MORE HORSEPOWER and a BROADER RANGE OF AVAILBLE TORQUE than any other system!!! But... your WEBER will not perform it's best unless each carburetor is synchronized and tuned with the rest.

IT'S EASY - to help you master the little known art of "Perfect Cylinder Tuning", just purchase the Inglese Induction System Balancing and Adjustment Procedure Manuel. Complete step-by-step instructions take you through the process, INCLUDING ASSEMBLY & INSTALLATION OF WEBER SYSTEMS!!!

Also includes diagrams illustrating the parts and set-up for 48 IDA, 40 & 46 IDA 3C, DCOE, 40 IDF, as well as 40 & 44 IDF WEBER Carburetion Systems for V6 & V8 engines.

ONLY $5.95

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