1952 Plymouth tin Wagon Pics......This is an original 1952 Plymouth Tin Wagon. One Owner. Original owner. Bought new and lived it's entire life in New Mexico. It has the origininal title. It has original 73,000 miles. It is complete, straight, with FACTORY OVERDRIVE (not an add on valued at $ 2,000 ) . I bought this running car back in 1985. I met the man as a boy, who worked at the local Ace Auto supply as a parts man. I was driving my P-15 at the time, so we hit it off. I told him I would like to buy it, IF he ever want to sell it. He laughed.....and said If I ever live that long. Well, Long story short, Wiley came down with dementia yrs. later. His wife called me, and I bought the car. It ran back then. I spent the next 20 yrs. buying parts at shows and meets, with the anticipation of someday doing a good restoration. If you notice in the pics, have a blue blanking plate, where the radio goes. This is just to keep dust out. In another pic, I show the Recondtioned radio, by a club member. It is new, right down to the reconed speaker and matching green grill. The car is VERY straight. The faded paint gives way to the red lead primer, underneath. The amount of parts are almost TOO many to list. Extra carb, heater core, heater vent. Roof rack. Even the chrome for around the front windshield. The arm rests. The NEW 2 rolls of Naugahyde (correct) material to reupholster the seats , headliner, and 2 door panels. NOTHING is missing. I even have the 2 new door panels cut out Notice the FULL wheel covers to replace the hub-caps.....The ONLY thing that needs fixing is the right side rocker. It has rust, because it was parked against the dirt when the tires went flat. You can repair or replace it, as they make aftermarket. It is priced WAY BELOW current book value by almost 85%. I've been selling my collection of cars and parts. I'm sure I may have left something out, but I have tried to be thoughough and honest. Wagon is here in Albuquerque New Mexico . Have original New Mexico State Title

$ 4,500

Call 1-505-99zero-1668 after 11 am my time or sky.bane@yahoo dot com or pm

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