Starting the build log here. I picked up this FFR 33 Ford Kit in August from a dedicated Hot Rodder in the Chicago area. He had started the build, the kit was bought new in 2009. We got the car back in the shop in Texas in August and inventoried and studied it as is. We have delayed starting the build for some time mainly because of space related issues in the garage. With that sorted out I have begun to fit the doors to the car and am starting on working out the exhaust system. The original builder did a fantastic job putting together mockups of zoomies. I went ahead and had them welded up but also bought shorty exhaust headers for the SBC. This way I will have two directions to go. The zoomies have Harley Davidson MC Mufflers in each tube. Kind of wondering what it will sound like.

Our previous car was a 9 second 2004 GTO with a twin turbo LSx motor. I had intended to stick with the SBC already installed in the 33. Was goofing around in the shop the other day and discovered two Garret 61mm turbos. These turbos had come off a CTSV making 1000 to the wheels so I sent them over to Reed Partridge at Work Turbochargers in Birmingham. Reed is rebuilding them and replacing the double bearings. At this point I still intend to stick with the SBC, first completing the car with the carburetor, then fabricating the turbo setup. We are considering going to a 376 Ci LSx which would dictate an aftermarket EMS. I am anxious to get the car complete and running first so the twins may be a late summer project.