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Thread: Build thread 37 Dodge PU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike P View Post
    “………I'd have to think about leaving the original paint and steel wheels for a while and driving it like that…..”

    That’s actually been pretty much the plan for the last year or so. After working on it off and on for the last 15 years or so I’d actually like to drive it around under its own power for a while. I can get any of the bugs worked out of it and decide if I want to make any changes to it without worrying about putting a scratch on it and in the process take care of some of the body work as I get the time and ambition.

    At some point I’ll blow it all apart for paint and body, box and paint the frame etc. A lot of the work I’ve been doing has been with that in mind……things like making the wiring harnesses so they just unplug into manageable sections, being able to unbolt the exhaust system, etc. I;m at least getting closer!


    What are you using for wiring connectors? The last time I had the tach and speedo out of the Vette I made some quick disconnects using Molex plugs. They're faiIMG_4968.jpgIMG_4964.jpgIMG_4965.jpgIMG_4968.jpgIMG_4964.jpgIMG_4965.jpgrly cheap and as long as they're not exposed to the elements they work fine.
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    Nice work on the dash Ken....it sure makes it easier doesn't it

    For my dash I used a recycled a 6 pin plug from a random wiring harness and a flat three plug (Ford used these in some of their harnesses).

    The rest of the harnesses were mostly a combination of trailer wiring plugs which should hold up well to any inclement weather the truck may see; a few Square 6s, flat fours some 2 pin plugs. The individual circuits are generally on bullet or spade connectors. This is the harness for the grill shell. I can remove the whole grill shell and just have to unplug the one harness. The individual components (headlights, turn signals and horn) unplug individually to make it easier when I pull everything apart.

    There are separate harnesses for the engine, dash, wiring going to the back of the truck (lights, fuel sender and pumps etc) and transmission controller is also on it's own harness.

    All the electrical for the overhead console also is on plugs (which sure made it a lot easier installing it).

    And yes I drew out a wiring diagram as I went (about 5 pages so far )

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    Blog Entries

    Nice progress, it looks nice. You're getting really close to being bale to drive it for sure. I started making a schematic when I wired my 72. But stopped because I got caught up with just finishing it. Now sometime, I need to go back and finish it for if there issues down the road.
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    Ain't nobody gonna be lookin' at that little itty bitty brake valve. All eyes are gonna be glued to those valve covers! roflmao...

    looks really good there Mike.
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