Evans coolant has a boiling point of 375 degF. and -40 for cold weather. It is totally compatible with any and all metals. No more rust and scale floating throughout the block and radiator because there is no water in it. It prevents cavitation and electrolysis in the cooling system.
The coolant works in the motor to prevent vapor barriers from forming. When a motor start to bulid heat, it will turn the water in a 50/50 mix to steam and that steam cannot recondense to a liquid fast enough to pull heat away from internal metal parts.
Since Evans has a boiling point of 375 degF, it stays a liquid and pulls much more heat from internal metals like combustion chmaber and the heads.
There are four different coolants along with a Prep fluid. The NPG, NPG+, NPG-R, and HDTC.
Suggest you call 1-888-990-2665 and talk to a tech to get the right coolant for your application. Or you can check out their website at.....Evanscooling.com.......for more info.