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Thread: gearboxes for the 8BA &engine ID

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    Hudsonguy is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Dec 2005
    Car Year, Make, Model: 41 Hudson Truck

    gearboxes for the 8BA &engine ID


    Hi all,
    New to Ford flatheads, always wanted to run one so here I go.
    Maybe old questions to some of you so hang with me please.
    Have just bought another Hudson pickup with an 8BA engine in it that runs nice although I havent been out on the road in it yet as there's other recommisioning to do. So firstly how can I externally varify the engine as a Ford passenger car type or whatever, and where are the engine numbers stamped? I do know that it is an 8BA with sep. bell housing etc.
    Secondly, the existing gearbox is a 3speed + o/d only no's on it I can see are- R10E-1A on one side of the tailshaft and E251 with S2 or52 under that on the other side. It looks to me like it originally was a column shift box as there are no mount positions for the stick shift lever etc although it has had (very poorly) a floor shift setup fitted. So what box have I got, if it works is it any good or would you change it. I have a Borg Warner 4 speed laying around that looks like it would fit right up to the bellhousing but it can't be that simple, this unit only has one ring on the input shaft so I guess its an early model, early 60s maybe, would that be better? I don't want to make myself a lot of work at this stage, always too many projects going on, you know the story but I don't want to be driving something with a notchy 'ol truck box with no syncro.
    Whaddaya all reckon?
    Many thanks in advance to all that can help
    Jerry. (UK)

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    R Pope is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jun 2005

    Your OD trans is synchro in second and high. If you decide to chuck it, don't chuck it too far, they're a valuable commodity. Just the solenoid sells for hundreds on Ebay!
    The BW will probably slip right on there, Ford used the same configuration for years. There's a four-over that'll fit, too.

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