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Thread: steering box clearance problem

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    Tx69CamSS is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jan 2004
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    Question steering box clearance problem


    Ok so i put some hooker comp headers on my 69 350 camaro and they went on ok...except there is no room between them and the ps gear box...so when i turn the wheel to the left the natural engine shake makes the header rattle against the ps box. these headers are suppose to clear the ps box...they are ceramic...anyways anybody got any ideas? is there a smaller ps box i can sub...should i go rack and pinion? can i grind on the ps box a lil to make some room...any ideas would be very helpful...thanks


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    Not sure this will help, but you might look into a GM 605 steering box (used on some GMs from about the mid 70's on). These are a bit smaller than the standard box. It should be a bold on, the one change you would need to make would be to use a pitman from a manual steering box, as the pitman shaft on the 605s is smaller (the same size as the manual box) than the bigger standard box.
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    76GMC1500 is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Aug 2003

    Could be that you have a broken motor mount. I put a set of Hooker headers in my truck and the header rubbed the frame on the drivers side. I replaced the motor mounts and I have plenty of room all around now. I would have never known I had a broken motor mount if I hadn't put the headers in too. Look very closely at the rubber for signs of cracks or shrinkage and if you see any, replace the mount.

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