The Rocket V8 was the catchie name that Oldsmobile put on their new V8 in 1949 and it stuck in some form until 1977 when there was a class action suit aganist Olds and General Motors for putting 350 Chevrolet motors in Delta 88s .That year You could order an olds from the factory with a 350 and you did not know which motor was going to come in your car. General motors made a settlement with each person who had received Olds with a Chevy motor. At that time Gm Changed the way they promoted their motors. They started calling them a G.M. Motor built in such and such a plant,rather than a chevy motor or an olds motor.
The reason G.M. and Olds lost this Class action suit was because for 28 years Olds had promoted the Rocket V8 like it was really something special so the people who got the Chevy motor felt slighted. I think they may have been offered a trade out as well.

Denny , You are right about the 2 bbl, 4bbl. deal. Over the years there were all kinds of different Rocket V8s with 2bbl. carbs.

Example= 67 Cutlass 330-2bbl
67 Cutlass 330-4bbl
67---442--400-4bbl All were equiped with Rocket V8s