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Thread: Chevy I-6 235 assistance please?

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    lonegreeneagle is offline Registered User Visit my Photo Gallery
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    May 2011
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    Chevy I-6 235 assistance please?


    Hello Folks,
    I just purchased a 1955 Willys Station Wagon for restoration. It has a Chevy I-6 235 sitting in it. For 40 years this rig sat, should I pull it apart and replace gaskets? It was never started after being bored.20 over and dropped in the wagon.

    Can I tune or change parts to get better mileage from this I-6 engine? Does anyone have any experience with these older engines and either building them up or improving serviceability? I do all other work on my restoration projects except engine math!

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    rspears's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
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    Your '55 Willys wagon should be super cool! I don't know much about the old Chevy 235 I-6, but I would get it started and see what you have before I took anything apart to replace gaskets, etc. If you know it was never started I would prime the oil system to prove pressure and ensure oil throughout. Then if it starts and runs then you can look at replacing oil retaining gaskets based on leaks.

    Sure, you can make it breathe better (intake, carb(s), header, exhaust) to improve both power and efficiency, and a moderate cam will give it more pop, too. As I said, I don't have any direct experience, but maybe Pat or Tech can give you some pointers as you go along. Here's one place that pops up when you Google "Chevy 235 Speed Parts" Clifford Performance :: Make 6 = 8

    Post some pictures of your wagon!!
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    Mar 2007
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    I saw a really cool injection setup on a 235 I-6 at a car show last year. The guy used a throttle body, computer, and sensors from a stock 4.3 V6 S-10 truck engine along with an inline 6 four barrel intake and a throttle body adapter plate. With the S-10 5 speed in an early Chevy II he said it was getting almost 30 MPG; plus starting and reliability was very good. He said the parts were cheap and he just had some minor re-programming done to the computer.

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    Rrumbler is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jun 2004
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    In their original form, Chevy sixes were fairly efficient if you kept them tuned well, and they were relatively stout and dependable; they are, today, basic mechanics in practice, and old tech; they are a good foundation for a decent engine. There are several sites on the internet that are focused on straight sixes (and eights): search "inline six cylinder engine" or "Stovebolt engine", or "Inliners International" and wander about. As to doing something with your engine, I like what falconvan said about that injection setup he saw.
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