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Thread: 2 q's?

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    nitrowarrior's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    According to your numbers, Denny is steering the right direction. The station you referred to is the east Mesa one near Falcon Feild. It's the I use because they at least go through calibration and maintnance procedures pretty closr to what they're required to. I would try the valve guide seal idea and as of a set that work within the small block chevy valve spring, Victor (Napa) makes a set just for this deal. I like the fact that the good people here really dig and do research for ideas such as additives. Let me start off by auctioning my "Donut" for my hemmoroid problem from sitting in so many classes concernng such a notion as additives (I'm not joking about this). Like I stated earlier, I don't like going these routes until deemed neccessary. The suggestion was for getting these monkeys off our back until he can go through this thing. I have at least two of those "neat" little gear machines that snake oil salesmen have left on my counter tops and I chuckle thinking that the engines I deal with don't have a gear set up like that and not once have I been able to compare the concept of that gear box and a reciprcating engine with any similarities. One more thing before you fall asleep and hit your head on the keyboard, the last BG school I had to go through used a small block chevy with an acrylic side plate for testing Add-Packs for demonstration. Out of all the additives put into engine oil with the proper Add-Packs from the factory, Lucas was the only one out of twenty that we never saw foaming. This included being put into Sythetics and COnventional. Remember, I'm not pushing the product, just giving him one more option to get this registered so he can drive it until he can rebuld or what ever. Now I will sit quietly in the corner and pop a cold one. My fingers are getting tired.
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    yes at this rate it does sound more like a valve seal problem than a ring leak, which is a very easy fix.... it'll take you a couple hours to a full day depending on ability, but it probably will be your fix... its very cheap to do, cheaper than head gaskets.... and yes i agree the lucas additives do work well, but one you start burning oil an additive wont close it enough to pass a smog inspection.... i'm suprised arizona has a cutoff earlier than cali on years.... everything 74 and below is smog exempt here
    just because your car is faster, doesn't mean i cant outdrive you... give me a curvy mountain road and i'll beat you any day

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    Nov 2005
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    Car Year, Make, Model: 73 Chevelle El Camino

    Okay well now onto replacing the valve guide seals...
    Should I pop off the valvue covers, take a few pictures of the heads for you guys?
    I also would like some instruction on replacing these, as i stated before i have not worked directly with the mechanics on a cylinder head before.
    I know what vavles, valve springs, rockerarms and pushrods are, but thats about it.

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    Jeff B is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Dec 2006
    Car Year, Make, Model: 54 Ford Customline 2DR

    Thumbs up 700R4 build


    on your 700R4 go to :www.transmissioncenter.com they have a great DVD on building them,worth every penny.

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