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Thread: 460 leaking behind water pump

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    murraydav is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Sep 2003
    Car Year, Make, Model: 77 ranger 1/2 ton 460

    Angry 460 leaking behind water pump


    Yesterday after my fall oil change, I was pressure cleaning my big block 460 in my 67 1/2 ton. after a run there was coolant leaking between the block and the housing that holds the dip stick. Of course it it a blown gasket after 28 years and 120,000 she's shot. Off to parts source, no w/p gasket or block to spacer gasket. Of course I picked up a new water pump as I'm not stupid enough to do this all again next year. Tonight after work and supper I fight for a couple of hours with fan, A/C, power st., and alternator etc etc. So its dark and the w/pump is finally off,,,,now I see the part I though was just an extension is actually very large. Now my question-----how much more do I have to pull off to get the 2 & 1/2 inch thingy to come off so as to re-gasket the beast. Is it actually going around the crank as it seems. Looks like the fuel pump will also have to come off, which means another gasket. Am I indanger of leaking anti freeze into my oil pan? That means yet another gasket is needed. Have any of you been through this and is there a web site to walk me through the mess I'm in. I'm no mechanic but I am a dedicated cheapskate. None of my vehicles get to vistit the shop except for when automatic transmission magic is required. Thank the Lord there Fords and seldom break. However I feel as I have opened the proverbial Can-O-Worms......HELP!

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    screamer63_1979's Avatar
    screamer63_1979 is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jul 2003
    Car Year, Make, Model: 90 Jeep Wrangler

    Don't ahve a 460 to look at regarding the leaky gasket...what is leaking, oil or AF?
    Timing cover? You said you had to remove fuel pump...is it mounted to the side of the timing cover? Sorry, as i said, not too familiar with 460 motors...been playing with more modern crap too, so my brain gets foggy...perhaps more beer, but then it is 9:45 am here...

    As for AF in the oil pan - just drain it BEFORE you run the truck! Let the drain plug be out overnight so it drains 100%. You should be fine, but you will want to check things for leaks after the truck has warmed and cooled 2 or 3 times.

    True dedicated cheapskates would use silicone sealer and not buy a gasket for the fuel pump
    Only the dead fish go with the flow.

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    64 500XL's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
    Car Year, Make, Model: 64 galaxie500XL



    murray dave,yip you have to pull fan,fuel pump,whatever brackets that connect to water pump etc..pull water pump,behind water pump in timing cover is 4 biolts.two right two left.the 4 front bolts on oil pan.2 on right 1/2 and7/16 and same on left. those hold timing cover from bottom.then pull the crank pulley.cover will pry off.careful of aluminum!you will pick up a timing cover gasket set.it will come with 2 water pump gaskets.1 for plate to pump and 1 for pump to timing cover.1 timing cover gasket,fuel pump,timing cover crank seal,oil pan to timing cover seal,and 2 cork pan gaskets for the little ears of pan gaskets that came off between timing cover and oil pan.you will get coolant in oilpan.pull plug on pan and leave it out till youre done.i just got done doing it agail last week.the reason i know so well is because the first time i did it i put the pump seals in backwards meaning front gasket in back and vise virsa. SO DONT DO THAT!good luck hope it helps some!!

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