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  • 2 Post By firebird77clone

Thread: Thunking Noise after Turning the Car off

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    Apr 2016

    Thunking Noise after Turning the Car off


    Disclosure: I am new to car mechanics so please be patient with me.

    What I have:
    I have a 1965 Impala and just rebuilt a '74 350 for it(cast-iron), please spare the criticism for not sticking with the 283. The new 350 also has vortec heads and I also installed a flex fan.

    The Issue:
    About a third of the time when I turn the car off I hear this thunking noise that really sounds like the flex fan is hitting something because it slows down like, "thunk..thunk....thunk........thunk" but the engine definitely stops right when i turn the ignition off so it is not a run on or anything. I have also verified that the fan is for sure not hitting anything even though that is how I described the sound I am pretty sure that is not it. I did find this forum, Pressure in motor - knocks when I shut it off
    that mentions a possible pressure release happening but no resolution was posted. Overall the engine runs great, a little bit of an oil burner but nothing to complain about. Any help is appreciated.

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    Welcome Aboard, Nice to see you here.
    Have you done any checks yet? I'd be checking things like the flywheel / flexplate, torque converter fasteners ( if auto trans car) or perhaps pull a fan belt off and isolate the alternator or power steering pump (if equipped) or water pump??

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    Apr 2012
    american canyon
    Car Year, Make, Model: 36 Ford Sedan, 23 T Bucket

    I had a vacuum brake booster with a bad check valve that made some crazy noises when it was shut off, lasted about 30 seconds or so (if memory serves)?

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    Sep 2005
    Car Year, Make, Model: 69 nomad, 73 charger, 74 vega

    Sounds like you have taken some flak for upgrading the engine.

    Don't let it bother you, it's a good upgrade.

    You might try having someone shut down the motor while you are under the hood listening.
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    Education is expensive. Keep that in mind, and you'll never be terribly upset when a project goes awry.

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