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Thread: How have you mounted your Car Stereo?

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    Mar 2005
    Car Year, Make, Model: 35 5 window coupe

    Quote Originally Posted by Hotrod46 View Post
    Do you listen to the radio or your own road mix?

    I plan to ditch the radio and CD player in my current project in favor of a Bluetooth amp. Nothing really shows except a very small control unit. Kenwood and Pyle both have them.

    That is exactly what I purchased (plus, it will answer my Phone via Bluetooth):

    Kappa K5 - Infinity US
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    On the parts I described I have found that ebay vendors on the pieces are about the cheapest, and since the town I live is is fairly small and a good deal drive from Springfield or KC I tend to "shop" this way many times. I purchased a Sony Amp refubrished on ebay from a Sony outlet very cheaply named Electronic Inventory Online I believe is what it was, the Sony items came refurbrished but where all in unopened original boxes with instructions?

    Isimple IS75 was about $35 off ebay, on/off switch at the local tractor supply less than $10.00,
    Pac LC1 off ebay less than $10,
    Sony Amp off ebay seller Electronic Inventory Online $88,
    Sony Speakers off ebay seller Electronic Inventory Online approx $20
    There may be better quality than Sony but lI was somewhat comfortable with the name over cheap Chinese off takes. All the connecting wires came from Walmart, actually besides the ISimple I think most walmart stores carry the other items just different brands
    Why is mine so big and yours so small, Chrysler FirePower

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35WINDOW View Post
    When it comes to electrics, I have a '57 Les Paul custom, and a '72 Stratocaster-

    In my old age ( ) I am more of an Acoustic guy, so I have a Taylor 855ce 12 string and a Taylor 812ce 6 string (along with a smattering of old Gibson acoustics and a few others (I also play Bass, and have a Fender precision)-do you play?
    Les Paul and a Strat.. AH! So you go both ways!

    I "play" as pure entertainment for myself, started when a kid but never serious, just kind of picked it up then put it down.. I wanted to quit smoking in "99" , didn't want to be a smoker in the new century.. also made an acquaintance with a fella at work in almost the same boat and he said he played guitar to keep his hands busy.. next thing I knew I had a setup at home and he and I would get together a few times a week. I've had a few different kits, now I have a Guild electric/acoustic 6 string, a Gibson SG and ( my pride and joy) Fender "Concert" Amp 60 watts of tube driven heaven! roflmao...

    I'm to self-conscious to play out in front of folks but when my brother and I get together.. we have a blast seeing who can play faster and louder! He always wins tho'.. but I try anyway. For me it's mostly music of the late 60's and 70's that I enjoy, cause that's what I grew up with I guess.

    Thanks for the chat, I enjoyed that!!
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    Sep 2005
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    Now, I could do a quick internet search, but then I'd loose the chance to let y'all show your stuff:

    Who makes a reasonably affordable unit that can either download off a "stick" or play off the stick?
    Education is expensive. Keep that in mind, and you'll never be terribly upset when a project goes awry.

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