I'm always in favor of saving money when I can, so when my 18v DeWalt battery packs would no longer hold a charge I decided to rebuild them myself. New packs are about $90 on Amazon, might as well buy new equipment and get the battery packs with it.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos, ordered the new Sub-C battery cells from Amazon and cracked open my battery packs. I always take lots of photos, they come in handy when I have a question.



After you take the screws out then you can push the contacts down and out from the top half along with the batteries. Save the connector and both insulators that cover the top and bottom of the battery pack.



First I soldered all the batteries into groups of two, negative to positive. Then I assembled them into the bottom half of the case in correct orientation for the straps on the bottom of the case. I used some old playing cards, cut them in half and some bolts to push the batteries into a tight group. So then I could solder the straps on the top side.


The connector that sits on the 15 battery on top will have to be saved and transferred to the new batteries. Pop those spot welds and solder onto a new battery. Don't forget the rubber pad under the 15th battery, that pushes it up into the top half of the case.


My cost was $35 versus buying the DeWalt new batteries at $90, times two battery packs. A few hours and it saved me $110.