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Thread: Charcoal canister

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    bentwings's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Car Year, Make, Model: 41 Willys pro street

    Charcoal canister


    Anybody use a charcoal canister on the fuel tank vent so fumes don't get into the car??

    I'd like to use one on my Willys. I have a vent in the trunk but fumes still get in even though the tank vent is to the rear of the car.

    I'm really after what car I should look at to get one for. These seem to be dealer items. I could go to the junk yard but there has to be an easier way.

    41 Willys 350 sbc 6-71 blower t350, 9in, 4 link
    99 Dodge ram 3500 dually 5 sp 4.10
    Cummins turbo diesel . front license plate, black smoke on demand, Muffler KIA by friendly fire (O&A Torch co) fuel pump relocated, large fuel lines. silencer ring installed in glove box, Smarty

    older than dirt

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    Dec 2004
    N/W Arizona
    Car Year, Make, Model: Deuce Highboy roadster

    I run a small one on my 32.

    You can just see it at the back of the battery box and behind the tailpipe.

    I believe it's off an older Toyota pickup.
    Found under the hood in the left front corner.

    Nice part is, it's small and steel as vs the large plastic pieces of junk found on most American cars.

    Initially installed to get rid of the gas smell in the garage.
    Fumes came out of the originally installed vent line that came off the fuel cell, ran up as high as possible in the trunk then turned down and went through a hole in the floor.

    I ended up copying the factory method of venting the tank by installing the Toyota cannister, running a line forward, about midships an Earl's inline fuel filter -stainless screen model - was installed then the line run forward into the air cleaner.
    The Earl's filter looks very much like the flame arrestor used in acetylene lines on welding rigs and the thinking was a backfire wouldn't create a fire.
    Although . . . the factories seem to do ok with just a cannister.

    The system works well and best of all the gasoline smell in the garage on hot days was gone.

    Take note that the Toyota cannister has different size in and out barbs - for the hose - but it's easy to JB Weld in a piece of tubing or a sawn off fitting so both sides are the same.
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    Dago Red is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    May 2007
    Car Year, Make, Model: 51' F1 w/429, 70' Nova w/427

    I get the gas smell in the shop and in the truck, figured it was from the gas tank behind the seat in the cab. I am replacing it with one in the bed, do I need to vent that somehow then? Thanks.


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