We must respect each other around here, and many are simply sick of the bickering ..Its Bullshit!!!!!!!! People should be able to ask legitimate questions around here without turning into a friggin circus.

What this is doing is taking new folks who have questions that need to be answered and alienating them, as the most sincere intentions some how turn in to a steaming pile of crap, and they are left wondering what they did wrong. STOP! THINK! (I'LL REPEAT THIS, STOP AND THINK!!!!) , then post something that is useful to the group without pushing someoneís buttons.

RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT. Live it every day here, please. While there are some folks who probably donít care for each other much, we are generally a tight nit group.ÖSo many great folks, and we donít need to be pissing in each others cheerios while on line. If you canít find a way to communicate in a respectful manner, keep it to yourself.

Having said that, I know many of us are close enough that we can spar a bit in fun, but you must keep in mind that things are easily taken out of context when written, so be sure you have the relationship you think you do before making jabs at your buddies. Just common sense stuff that seems to elude us lately.

I hope you understand the concern here and do everything you can personally to make this place better every day. This is still the greatest group of people in the world, but we are a huge bunch now, and we need to be mindful of the things that have made this place a success and have won each of us so many friendships over the years.

Thanks for your attention to this, and take care.