I am hoping to find two new old stock screw on rubber bumbers for my 55 chev which has just been painted. Many of you may not have ever seen these little jewels as shortly into the year they changed the bumpers from the bottom of the inner trunk lid to the top of the tail pan.
These bumpers are first made of metal and then have rubber molded on to them. they have two counter sunk holes in them for beveled headed machine screws. I am hoping to find the proverbial needle in the haystack and come up with two NOS pieces
from ome of you guys. Shortly I will try to get a picture of one of mine which are worn out.
I did submit them to Steel Rubber products and they told me it would cost $1500.00 to get them produced because they would have to start from scratch with cad drawings and engineering and then production. When I sent then to Steel they said only one person in the company recognized them.
Thanks Muncieman Gary Howard 267 424 5838