I bought this set of pushrods way back when I was planning my 'next' engine build. But I never got around to it (life happens!). Now we're getting ready to move, and it's time to part with some odds and ends.

These are stock replacement pushrods for a Small Block Chevy (5/16" diameter, standard ends, 7.765 inches long, hardened). Crane P/N 11621-16.

Price: $60, and I'll cover shipping to the lower 48.

Priced at Summit Racing and Jegs for $130.

Please let me know if you want additional pictures or have any questions.


PS - My apologies if these pictures are upside down. I thought I had them set up properly, but you don't always know! Also, it appears that I haven't solve the puzzle about how to show the pictures directly, so you're stuck with the link to my gallery.