Had more requests for kick panel retainers, I have 8 sets ready to go, get them while they're hot.

Welds to the toe pan, made of 19 gauge cold rolled steel, tabs punched as per originals.



Price is $25 per pair plus $6 shipping to US. Cash, check, USPS money order.

Fresh batch:



Just to clarify the use of these, GM had them spot welded to the floor and once the kick panel is installed on the factory line the two tabs are bent up to hold the bottom of the kick panel in place. We have seen examples in the cars, especially 55's, where some of the tabs were never bent up, so there may have been lots of Fridays on the assembly line in 55. Keep in mind the bottom of the tabs will be visible after bending upward to hold the kick panel, so you may want to get some primer paint on them prior to welding in place.