Cleaning things up, trying to get ready for a winter's worth of fabricating time and keep finding stuff I forgot I had but don't need anymore. I'll add to it as I go, but here's a start.

--Front springs for MII suspension. These are the beehive shaped ones that are used on coilovers when using the stock dimension upper and lower A-Arms. They are chrome and rated at 350 pounds. New, used for mock-up only. $50.00 + the freight.

--'69 Mustang OEM shock tower braces. These are the ones that go from the firewall to the shock towers. Great shape, already cleaned, sanded, and primed with epoxy primer. $15.00 + the freight.

--Pair of brand new Comp Engineering leaf spring housing floaters. Bought them for a customer's car, then the guy changed his mind and decided to go coilovers and 4 bar. These are out of the boxes and bolted together, never used for anything other then collecting dust!!! $75.00 + the freight.