I have a 1958 Chev 283 for sale. It was rebuilt around two years ago and was put in a local CJ which the kid wrecked. Friend bought the wreck and removed the engine. It has been setting on his run stand ever since. In bad health now so I bought a bunch of inventory from him including this engine.
It has been bored 30 and has '63-'67 3795896 heads on it running 1.72/1.5's. The block is a 3756579 dated K1958 with a suffix code of TII2ID. Has a 59 2 bbl cast intake on it and comes with a cast bell with starter and flywheel. Bell is dated 59 and the flywheel is also a 59 unit. Normal points distributor. Engine has the old, and in very good shape, scripted valve covers.
I have changed the oil and filter and added some zinc. Ran it for several heat cycles over the last two days. Engine runs excellent, very responsive and no smoke or fog from the exhaust, draft tube or the oil fill pipe. No noisy lifters or anything to be concerned with. Carries a steady 65 lbs of oil pressure at idle (500 rpms) at 180 degrees. Starts cold or hot after about 1 revolution and that is with the junk 2 bbl carb. Ran a compression test on all cyls, lowest was 125 and the highest was up at 140.
After running it and inspecting it I would suggest that a new rear seal be put in and at least one of the frost plugs in the rear housing needs to be replaced. Final cleaning and repaint and you are done.
If you are looking for a very good vintage engine without spending a bunch of dough this is the deal for you. I will ship this via Fastenal so be sure you have a outlet near you. I will put it on a pallet and strap it down, cover it and shrink wrap it. I will do all the paper work with Fastenal and ship it cod to you. All you have to do is pick it up and pay them for the freight as per their quote.
Here is a video on You Tube of the engine running during one of the heat cycles yesterday:
101 1957 - YouTube
Any questions, give me a PM. I check my computor often so I can get right back to you.
Thanks for looking.