Ford 351 Cleveland 4 Brl Engine

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This engine appears to have been rebuilt and never fired. It has no carbon build anywhere. It has many new parts - pistons, cam, bearings, intake, etc. It will need to be completely torn down, rehoned and cleaned, as it now has small rust pits on the cylinder walls after sitting for decades.

The crankshaft has an engraving of R. .030 M. .030

Double roller timing chain

Camshaft appears to be a new - still covered with grease

.275 lift on the intake lifter

Block #s: DOAE-J / 9K23

3.500 stroke

.040 over bore

Offenhauser 4brl split port aluminum intake

Heads appear to have a mild port polish

Small combustion chamber (closed chamber)

2.190 Intake

1.700 Exhaust valves

Head #s: DOAE-N / 9H26 / 9K23

The engine has a balancer, water pump, fuel pump, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, oil pan, intake, rotating assembly.

The heads and oil pan have been removed so it can be inspected. All parts are present.