Well, im cleaning up so i have room in the barn for the 39 chevy and a parter-outer (47 ford tudor, parts coming soon) So here it goes,

60 Buick Parts:
Interior roof trim, b-piller trim-$30
Window regs, front and rear-$10 a piece, $30 for all
Door glass and tracks- $75
Air cleaner-$20
Arm rests-$45 for all 4
Metal door panel toppers-$40
Hood & hinges-$75
Core support and x bars- $25
Dash- $75

These parts came off an Electra 225 so it should fit other flattop buicks, olds, chevys, and caddys from '59-'60.

Other Misc parts:
SBC chevy truck manifolds- $25
'39-'40 chevy truck gas tank, under seat one, fits up to 46- $50
216 intake exhaust manifold- $30
camaro leafs and mounts- $75
'40 ford front spring, pitted, still usable- $20
Chevy truck bellhousing, 5 1/8 center hole. Make a bushing to run with car trans-$50

All these prices dont include shipping. PM for pictures since there is so much stuff here.