I have several used auto trannies for sale: One (1) push-button shift Mopar 904 for slant-six with flange-mount (ball and trunnion style u-joint) output shaft--comes with dual-cable shift mechanism and pushbuttons (pulled out of a running, driving 1964 Valiant in August, 2006), very good running condition, $75; one (1) Chevy-pattern Turbo 350, pulled from a running, driving 1979 Monte Carlo in June, 2006, unknown mileage, ran and shifted fine when pulled, new fluid, filter and input/output seals installed just before parting out,$75; one (1) Chevy-pattern Turbo 400, unknown condition (was out of vehicle when I got it in 1997), complete, good for rebuilding, $50; one (1) Mopar small-block 727, pulled from a 1972 Dodge motor home in August, 2006, was running when parked about 3 years ago because of bad engine, good red fluid, no major leaks, $100. All trannies come with converter, dipstick and tube. Mopars come with output flange/yoke, GM's do not. Buyer must arrange pickup or method of shipment--crating is extra. Thanks for looking.