I have a handful of parts that I have removed from my truck as I've modified and upgraded. I hate to take the old parts to the dump because I know that somewhere out there someone can use them. Here is a list of stuff;
1. Blower motor assy(not sure if working)
2. Battery boxes (one mildy rusty but fixable, one pretty rusty)
3. Radiator with fan shroud and support bracket
4. Complete rearend, drum to drum w/new rubber in wheel cyls
5. Complete front brake assys w/ hubs (new rubber in wheel cyls)
6. Clutch/brake pedal assy w/master cylinder (new rubber in mc)
7. Steering box w/pitman arm (splines damaged at steering wheel)
8. Driveshaft
9. Bench seat frame
10. Fuel tank
11. Above tank storage bin

If you can use this stuff let me know.

Thanks, Bobbyt