I just pulled the old motor out of my c10, and since i'm putting a bigger engine in it, I decided that I will sell the 283. This engine wasnt the engine that came with my truck. The engine runs decent, it could use some work, but the truck was driven home from the car lot. The engine leaks oil but im sure a new oil pan gasket should take care of that. The 4 speed manual is in great condition, took off the top piece, and the gears look brand new, and the clutch seemed in good condition during the drive home. I am open to offers for this setup. Pick up only, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Block casting number is: 3834812 which according to www.mortec.com, is a 283 from 1962-'63.

I don't have my digital camera until the 19th of march so I do not have pictures just yet.