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Thread: this is weird

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    shine's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    bluff dale texas
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    this is weird


    sherman williams just bought valspar . like dumb and dumber in the paint industry . buying the competition . lot of paint lines effected here .

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    Bob Parmenter's Avatar
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    Apr 2001
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    If looked at from a macro economic sense it's both reasonable and prudent. Over regulation stifles competition because it's harder for the "little guy" to even get in the game, much less build an organization to comply with stuff that doesn't serve the customer need directly. The strongest of those in any given market segment eliminate what competition there is by absorbing them thus giving them better "control" of that market segment. Smart guys like Warren Buffett have been doing it for quite a while...........makes his political preferences make more sense as well.
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    Matthyj's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
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    If I remember right, House Of Kolor is a sub of Valspar so the custom world will definetly be effected. Valspar I believe is one of the oldest if not the oldest paint company in the US, and Sherwin Williams is huge into powder coating as well so Shine your right a lot could change not just in the automotive world.
    Why is mine so big and yours so small, Chrysler FirePower

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    mrmustang's Avatar
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    Apr 2001
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    SW was already providing tints and bases for Valspar, same goes for some of the powder pearls for HOC (also offered under their Barrett Jackson collection of colors), so the absorption of Valspar under the SW corporate banner was a no brainer.

    Bill S.

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