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Thread: What primer /paint to use ?

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    What primer /paint to use ?


    Painting 'Vette Ure. bumpers, I am having both F+R bumper covers soda blasted and will want to get primer + paint on them fairly soon after. I have done a lot of painting in my time both automotive and industrial ,but never on urethane bumpers. So I am out of my knowledge base here. What primer should I buy?
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    best advice is ...go to where you buy your painting supplies for the automotive stuff. Then ask there......there have been so many upgrades to different primers/paints for the urethane bumpers that having me tell you what I used 2 yrs ago may not be the the hot ticket today.

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    Personally I would stay away from the soda blasting. You will never get all the residue out of the bumper and have some serious adhesion issues. Wet sand it with 400 grit and feather out any areas the paint chipped. Fill any cracks with 3M DuraMax bumper repair and sand smooth. Prime with a reduced Epoxy Primer and top coat with your favorite base coat and clear coat.

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