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Thread: 94 360 port FI from 3/4 ton

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    94 360 port FI from 3/4 ton


    OK... seems this is the place. I have a 94 Dodge 8800 lb 3/4 2WD with 297k. The paint is gone (due to NM) and salt has done its thing over the last 20 years, but she's a strong runner and I'll drive it anywhere. It just recently did the trip out and back from Ohio to NM... Good truck and I've had it 19 years, been all over the country almost including both coasts, the gulf states and Canada.

    But I will not be doing up body repairs... and when I finally do retire it (still does winter duty and keeps my 01 1 ton Cummins out of the salt) I am leaning to using the engine and trans as a rod doner. This is the early 2nd gen, with a Detroit built trans... basically an updated 727 (I think) with an overdrive unit in the tail end.

    So... with a refresh to the mechanical(s) (i.e rings/bearings, new rollers for the cam, new injectors, etc) are there programmable computers that will work with all these 94 sensors to up its hp etc?. Its always been a real strong runner in a 6000 lb truck... but I suspect its capable of more with only minor mechanical and fuel system mods and programming? (I do not remember the factory stock numbers, but I think its somewhere around 245 hp and 330 ft torque if memory serves)

    (Just remembered... this was formerly owned by a police officer for its first year. I was told many years ago there was a police chip or settings that the departments could or did do. Its always ran so strong that the factory numbers above seemed low to me and I've always wondered if they did something, although it may simply be the 4:10 gear set. But I never had away to trace this concept. Any one heard of this?)


    Thanks, Dave
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