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Thread: best way to get 340

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    Mini is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Feb 2010
    Car Year, Make, Model: 1987 Dakota 360

    I say find some 318 fast burns, port them. and put some 2.02 1.60's in. Go for compression. Plain them .030 thou.

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    nitrowarrior's Avatar
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    Mar 2007

    I say double check how old this thread is.
    New info to share? Start a new thread.
    What if the "Hokey Pokey" is what it's really all about?

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    1wild&crazyguy is offline CHR Member Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Feb 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt167 View Post
    nothing's cheap for mopar. cheapest you can do is find 360 heads from a pre '71 motor, intake/ carb/ mild cam and a set of headders.
    it's all relative..

    especially when you compare what comes stock in a sb dodge as compared to a sb chevy or ford, pontiac etc...

    mopar=shaft mount, early steel cranks, 18* valve angle, long rods, 1.84 rod ratio...beefy mains..etc...

    when you 'start out ahead' you've already saved over the seemingly cheaper sbc,sbf,sbp because when you go race...you end up having to replace most of the parts to keep up, like fixing studs, buying heads, longer rods that don't twist, and a roller cam/or inlarging lifter bores to mopar size [.904] to keep up.
    Don't get me wrong, chevys compete every where and hold records, but it wasn't with your old suburban motor, well maybe 'the block', but thats it.

    One of the best 4 barrel iron intakes comes from a 74 360- it has a raised plenum and will work in the higher rpm's.
    '71 was the last year for 2.02 sb heads.
    fwiw 2.02 sbm head intake flows 215-225cfm stock, 1.88 heads flow 195-205cfm stock.

    I have home ported J heads on my stroker 410 that flow
    284 @.530
    thats with an 11/32 undercut 2.02 intake from ferrea, nothing special either.

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    pronova72 is offline Registered User Visit my Photo Gallery
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    Jun 2010
    Beech Bluff
    Car Year, Make, Model: 72 Chevy Nova

    340 Motor


    First thing you do with any mopar engine is: get a sonic test done. Mopar are known for end of a production run to cut back on metal ( thin wall casting). Sonic test will show you wall thickness. Between the water jacket & piston wall. When making the block at the factory if there is a core shift. The clearance will be less. In other words: you are limited to what you can overbore the block. In '72 late & in '73 Mopar put out alot of thin wall casting blocks!!! This info is not limited to Mopar only. Chevy put out some bad 427/454 blocks.

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