Price - $5750

UPDATE - I just lost my job, and I lowered the price because I am looking to sell quick. Also, the battery is weak due to the weather, and plastic panel is the center of the dash starting to crack and chip due to the cold temps.

Selling my '66 AMC Rambler Marlin. I love this car, but I really want a project with a weird engine swap, and I cannot bring myself to tear into this car due to how stock it all is. Previous owner put in an updated stereo unit, upholstery, and some gauges, but other than that it is all stock.

Good: It runs, stops, and shifts.

Bad: It is a 51 year old car.

This car was actually my daily driver for several months, and got me back and forth to work faithfully every day. It eats oil, has a slow leak in one tire, and doesn't go very fast, but you have never felt like more of a king than you do in this car. You will need to make business cards with car stats for this thing, because the looks, questions, waves, etc never stop. You will not be able to fill it up with gas without some attention. I have even had people swerving around me while driving to get better photos of it. If you live on a busy street and park it outside, people will stop to take pictures and some have even knocked on my door. It's crazy.

The Marlin was a fastback version of the Rambler American, meant to compete with the Mustangs, Barracudas, and such of the time. Clearly, it failed. I believe something like 14,000 Marlins total were manufactured in 3 years. I'm guessing maybe 2000 still are around. You will be the only Marlin owner at the car show, for sure.

I bought this car due to the beautiful patina. When it is wet, the surface rust on the hood looks a mile deep. It is gorgeous. There is almost no body cancer on the car. AMC used some kind of chassis coat to prevent rust, and it has worked incredibly well. Only very small spots under the carpet in the trunk. Frame is straight as an arrow. You really will not believe how much of a survivor this car is.

A few details of the car:
232 Straight 6 (basically a Jeep straight 6. These things run forever)
Front split bench seats
3-speed Flash-O-Matic automatic on the column
Power steering
Optional Hazards

I am not looking for trades. I need to get rid of a few of my projects. Please text me for more info.

Thanks for looking!

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