Hello Everyone!!

I have a 55 Belair Wagon for sale. My father built street rods my entire life. He did amazing work and did it all himself. He just recently passed away from colon cancer. He has a 55 that is almost restored. I am in need of help selling it. I am not sure what to do. He did leave me a description of what needs to be done and what all parts and extra parts he has for the car. I dont want to see the car go to waste sitting there. I am need of your help! I hate to see the car go, but unfort i was to stuborn as a teenager to learn how to build them with him and now my family and I are left with an unfinished amazing car that needs someone to finish it. My e-mail address is amanda.mcgaughy1987@gmail.com if you have any quesitons. You all are an amazing group of people, keeping the mustle car a dream for everyone. So many have lost the love for them!!!!