Hey we bought this plymouth 7 months ago, were realizing we just dont have the time for a project like this since we have 2 other trucks that were working on also, so we havent even been able to touch the plymouth so we decided to sell it and put the money into our other projects and buy something else down the road when we have more time. Its in great shape, decent paint, brakes redone just before we bought it, seats in great condition. The only thing is really needs is some work on the wiring, and the fuel line ran from the tank to the carb since a new fuel tank was put in right before we bought it. It does run and shift, everything is original. We also have all the original paperwork including the purchase order and everything else. We have a whole box of paperwork. Im thinking of asking 8000, what do you guys think i havent sold a car or this type before so im kind of unsure what to ask. Heres a few pics.