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Thread: 66 Mustang Coupe $5700

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    Aug 2010
    Car Year, Make, Model: 66 Mustang Coupe

    66 Mustang Coupe $5700


    I bought this car about 5 years ago. From what I understand the previous owner had kept it in his garage for years without ever really doing anything with it. The owners before that had made several modifications to set it up for racing. The car ran fairly well, and still does, just mostly needs cosmetic work as you can see. Once I had it I drove it quite often and had problems with leaking from the intake manifold and from the radiator hoses - simple problems. We resealed the intake manifold, replaced several components for the cooling system and have never had an overheating problem since. Most of my time and effort was spent on the interior. When I bought it, it was all original - which it's good to have original, but not when it's 40 years old. So we gutted out the inside, from the foot pedals to the trunk. The floor panel was in pretty rough shape; it's worst parts were the foot panels behind the front seats. We applied the POR 15 floor panel & trunk restoration kit from NPD and it came out great. The only spot that was beyond repair was the foot panel behind the driver's seat, so we bought a new section for that and had it professionally welded in. Once the floor panel was restored it's been ready to have the interior be rebuilt, but I have not had the money nor the time for it and it would be way too ambitious for me to expect to have it any time soon.

    The engine is a 289 V8, which was rebuilt by one of the previous owners, so the actual mileage is unkown. It's got a 4 barrel, Edlebroch carb and is a 3-speed automatic. It has a new wiring harness under the hood and new taillight harness. It has a new alternator (NPD, 2006), new voltage regulator (2007), new battery that's still under warranty (July 2009), new solenoid (starter relay).

    The owners before me certainly did more work to it than I did. I have nearly all of their receipts which reflects the work they did including full MSD set (street racing), muffler, dual-exhaust, fuel pump, valve covers, elec choke kits, etc.

    The power steering does not work right now because the wheel seized up soon after I bought the car and I've just never replaced it because it's just not that difficult to drive without it. Certainly there are several other small things that don't work "as advertised" but most of them are fairly trivial in the sense that this car would qualify as a project-car.

    Bottom line is this is an awesome, awesome mustang. The frame is great shape, the doors don't sag - although I do spray some WD-40 on the hinges every once in a while to smooth it out. She is so much fun to drive and with a quality paint job, full interior resto, and a little bit of wrenching this will definitely be one of the hottest things on the road. Heck, it almost is now.

    Whoever buys it is willing to take along with it most of the tools I picked up along the way - perfect for you military guys who are hundreds of miles away from your garage. I have a heavy-duty jack, two jack stands, a body-board, a mat to place under the car for maintenance (great for garages), and several other things that run along those lines.

    I will be traveling from Florida to California in about a month, so if I don't sell it before I leave then delivering the car somewhere along the way would certainly be a possibility.

    Asking price is $5700. Please call, txt or email Patrick.
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