We had our 2021-'22 season opening race yesterday (9-11-21). After a brief memorial ceremony commemorating 9-11, 10 cars took the first green flag of the season. I took both of my cars to this race at Hillsborough Community College. Ryan Norden drove my purple "Silver Bullet" car #94 in the Open class and I drove the #13 converted go-kart in the Advanced Battery class.

The Open class was very competitive with 5 cars running closely all day. Ryan finished in second behind our good friend and sometimes teammate, Rodney Schreck. I got a third place out of three cars in the Advanced Battery class.

Since the last race I have made several adjustments to the go-kart to improve its handling. It performed pretty well, but I ran out of battery power at 52 minutes in both races. According to folks more knowledgeable than me about Lithium batteries, they need to be run through at least 5 charge/discharge cycles before they reach their full potential. I was using brand new batteries, so they did pretty much what was expected.

I'll post some pictures later if I can get some from somebody. Since I was busy driving one car and servicing both between races I wasn't able to take any myself.